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divine muva diva

Weekly Contributor to Philadelphia Sunday Sun

divine muva diva

Divine Muva Diva is a column Andrea writes for the Philadelphia Sunday Sun.

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Divine Muva Diva- The Bone Carriers

January 24, 2020

Dear Lovies: We have all heard the sayings,  “You can’t trust everybody with everything” and “Everything ain’t for everybody.” But yet, out of guilt, fear or just talking too diggety dang much, we often shoot ourselves in the foot by over sharing our goals and dreams with the wrong people. The painful lessons that result…

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Divine Muva Diva- The Legacy of Lies

January 3, 2020

As we welcome 2020, and all that comes along with embracing another 365 days — should we be so lucky — it has come to my attention that far too many die and leave a legacy of secrets, pain, and unfinished business, judging by the behaviors of the ones who are left to carry on…

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Divine Muva Diva- Keys to effective communication with your partner

December 26,  2019

Dear Lovies: Just as I was gearing up to wish you all the happiest of holidays, and a roaring good start to 2020, someone sent me the question below. In true Muva form, I must answer-so buckle up, buttercups! Dear Muva: Q: What are the keys to effective communication with your partner? How do you…

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Divine Muva Diva: Aunt Vie from ‘Queen Sugar,’ and the peaceful soul that portrays her on TV

December 16, 2019

Dear Lovies,

As some of you are aware, Muva can be seen found in places where many would not think to find her.  On December 6, she happened to be an invited guest at a high profile breakfast in New York  which kicked off one of the many annual Pennsylvania  Society events.

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Divine Muva Diva, week of Dec. 1

November 29, 2019

It pained Muva’s heart to get the following question:

“What advice do you have for a mother whose adult child has not spoken to her in over a year?”

After I clutched my pearls until they gave up and fell apart to the ground, I took a deep cleansing breath. Recognizing that parents aren’t perfect people….

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Divine Muva Diva: The House, The Duct Tape, and the Mouse

November 8, 2019

Dear Lovies —

I can’t stand rodents — mice, in particular. The suburban town I lived in for a quarter of century had them everywhere, and no matter what was done to be rid of them, there was always one, running to hide somewhere.

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