Get to know Andrea and A Lawful Truth

A.Lawful Truth Enterprises LLC. began as something small, DivineMuvaDiva or “Muva Diva” as she’s often referred to as, shared facets of her life through short stories on social media. In many instances, she confronted the hard truths in between where they are and where they aspire to be. In the midst of telling her truth, emerged an idea to help others share their stories and be their most authentic self. A creative herself, she vowed to create that same space for future generations, thought leaders that will impact and transcend all limitations in the world. Today that vision continues she helps her clients, ranging from college students to professionals, strengthen and develop their leadership skills that will make them more competitive in today’s workforce. She Leads dynamic workshops that encourage and promote leaders to ascend with confidence. Muva Diva believes the world needs more creative thinkers who can quickly adapt to their environments, thus generate more revenue for their businesses and meeting personal and client goals. More importantly, thought leaders who will impact the business world.

I've always been an advocate for living your best life despite the odds thrown your way; I use those examples of my life to motivate and encourage others.

Andrea Lawful-Sanders

a lawful truth

About Andrea

At 5’10, Andrea Lawful-Sanders has spent her life seeing beyond what others could imagine and living her life with a fierce passion that runs just as deep as her Jamaican roots. The truth is, her height happens to be a physical representation of her purpose.


With the foundation of an undergraduate degree in Communications and masters in Education, Lawful-Sanders’ professional journey has led to impact investments and success in her fields of study, as well as advocacy and consulting. The intersecting of her highly respected professional reputation with her transparent sharing of empowering life anecdotes led to her role as CEO of A. Lawful Truth Enterprises LLC, and the founding of DivineMuvaDiva (an ALTE LLC subsidiary) in 2017. “Muva Diva” was birthed out of the expressed desire from her social media audience to live a life of passion while confronting the hard truths in between where they are and where they aspire to be…and to do so with the assistance of her vision.


If there’s one thing that Lawful-Sanders is a master at, it’s developing both children and adults into the best version of themselves. She dedicates her time drawing from the wisdom of her roots and branching out to impart spiritual, emotional, and mental nourishment into the lives of others.


Nearly three decades ago, after having to become a full-time education advocate for her sons due to the lack of professionals in that role, Lawful-Sanders saw an opportunity to be for others what she once had to be for herself. Upon completing a 20-week program titled “Parents As Leaders,” she conducted parent workshops and later served on her local school board for eight years where she helped fuel academic achievement and student enrichment.

Enlight of that, she has provided advocacy training to more than 700 hundred parents, which ultimately resulted in the addition of 37 new school board members; thousands of students who are now either doctoral candidates, entrepreneurs or gainfully employed; and hundreds of police officers and educators who have received thorough training on implicit bias.


Lawful-Sanders has become a highly regarded family and youth expert, often juggling attending I.E.P meetings with parents and her demanding booking schedule of high-profile national speaking engagements on the Achievement Gap; diversity and inclusion training; and on-air radio interviews and guest hosting opportunities.


In the midst of her advocacy and consulting work, she launched The C.A.L.M SOCIETY, an organization that helps teachers and families’ work hand in hand to ensure all students have access to high-quality education. Shortly after that, she joined V.I.B.E (Voices Involved In Promoting a Brotherhood of Excellence) a program that works with 7th-8th grade African American males. In her now twelve years as a V.I.B.E Parent liaison, the program has made tangible changes within the lives of these young men and, due to demand, expanded to include I.M.A.G.I.N.E (I’M a girl, Intelligent, Noble and Educated) a sister program for young girls.


Her current commitments include serving as the Chair of SE PA CARES, an arm of the national CARES mentoring movement spearheaded by Susan L. Taylor. Additionally, she acts as a consultant for Police Departments, helping them to seek and improve community relations.

Awards and Honors

Serving Ediifying Eagerly Defending the underserved S.E.E.D.S Award - 2024

This inaugural award presented by the Philadelphia Housing Authority celebrates sevice to the community and most importantly those who are often ignored.

Women of Excellence Award (WDAS) - 2016

This award celebrates extraordinary women who work to improve Philadelphia every day.

Mission Impact Award (YWCA) - 2016

Andrea Lawful-Sanders was chosen for this new award, selected by YWCA staff, for her direct impact on YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women in the Tri-County region.

Woman of the Year (Zeta Phi Beta) - 2015

Pays tribute to outstanding leaders who have made a significant impact on our community by teaching, promoting and demonstrating the importance of empowering youth for success.

Advocacy Award (CAC for Probation and Parole) - 2015

Lawful-Sanders was presented this award for her advocacy work with children in two groups that grew out of her personal mission: V.I.B.E. (Voices Involved in Promoting Black Excellence) for African American males in grade 7-12 and I.M.A.G.I.N.E. (I’m A Girl, Intelligent, Noble and Educated).

Guiding Light Award (Lucien E. Blackwell) - 2015

Recipients of this award are individuals who contribute greatly to society, said Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, who named the awards after her late husband.

Wayshower Award (National CARES Mentoring Movement) - 2015

Honors those lighting the way for our children and for us, with diligence and above all, with love.

Outstanding Service to Education Award (Pennsylvania School Board Association) - 2012

This award seeks to recognize outstanding contributions from individuals, groups or organizations to education across the commonwealth.

Educator Award (Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission) - 2010

Honors individuals who dedicate their lives to contributing to excellence in educating our community's youth.