The immense love of a father


The immense love of a father

I recently called my father to check on him and my mother, and as I was waiting for him to answer the phone in his deep baritone voice, a memory came flooding back…

The year was 1994, and I was embroiled in a failed marriage with a small child, and feeling hopeless. I was standing in the middle of the penthouse apartment of my soon to be ex-husband looking out at the darkness, and became overwhelmed with sadness. It felt like nothing would ever feel great again- and everywhere I looked around me, people seemed happy and holding hands, while I was soon to be single, and starting all over again.

On an impulse, I called my parents and asked to speak with daddy. The second he said “hello,” I fell completely apart and shared everything with him. I cried so hard, it felt like my heart had broken into a million pieces.

My father quietly listened, told me it would be okay, asked for some pertinent information so he could make some calls, and hung up.

Not 3 days later, he took a flight, and was standing in front of me to survey what was happening to his firstborn child, and went into action.

I was so grateful that he took my baby home with him, so that I could breathe and find solid footing.

What I did not know until some time later was this- my mother said that after speaking with me that fateful night, my father went outside and cried. She said it was the first time she had ever seen him do such a thing.

My father and I never spoke of that night again, but what I came to realize since then, was just how committed he was and continues to be, about his four daughters and four grandchildren.

He prays consistently for us, is filled with good advice at the drop of a dime, and his love for us, knows no boundaries.

As my parents age as gracefully as they can, I am constantly reminded that it is their prayers, that has kept us all safe from harm as we grew up and had families of our own.

I cherish my father while he yet lives- I refuse to be stuck in regret and remorse because I chose being busy over spending quality time with him and mommy.

Here is a solid fact: he is not alone in the exemplary father zone. All around us, are daily examples of men, who gave everything, and made all kinds of sacrifices for their families. It goes unnoticed because it was what society deems that they should be doing anyway.

Why do we need anyone to tell us who we can celebrate and when? During black History month and beyond, find ways to honor the black men in our lives- they need and deserve it.

Our country is in a divisive place, and a small and sincere thank you, an unexpected hug, a favorite meal, or simply to be left alone for a few hours of peace, are all examples of how easy it is to appreciate the men in our lives.

Go forth and make it happen. Their smiles will be worth it.